Sunday, 3 May 2009

I'm it!

Have been 'tagged' by MTFF and Katherine to answer the following. Anticipate yawnfest but it's all good practice for this blogging lark which seems to be, in essence um... talking about myself.

1. What are your current obsessions.

Realise have obsessed for 28, yes TWENTY-EIGHT years over weight. Loss. Gain. Whatever. Bane of women's lives. My 5 year old's current obsession is much more interesting. He is collecting empty Monster v Aliens yoghurt tubes. He washes them when empty and sellotapes them above his bed. A yoghurt tube installation!
Makes me pine for babyhood when he was tiny mouse in bib and highchair being fed Petit Filous from mustard spoon.

2. What item from your wardrobe do you most wear.

Sunglasses. Big silly ones mostly. Good for hiding tears/crows feet/hangovers. Have bad habit of using to control hair in form of alice band when windy. Nuff said.

3. Last dream I had.

Turgid. Pornographic. Maybe it will return tonight.

4. Last thing you bought.

Stripy tunic top in French Connection. The sort of thing my mother would say 'ooh you could make it for a fraction of that'. She doesn't actually say it out loud anymore but I hear her.

5. What am I listening to.

On my ipod, the new Lily Allen album.

As I write this, The Wire/24 coming from Husband's office.

6. Fave holiday spots.

Not holidays but places I will always love are: Fiji (sister's wedding); Mud Brick Cafe for long lunch (Waiheke Island, Auckland NZ) My best friend's house in Dubai; Koh Samui in 1995 prob awful now; Marylebone High St, London ( when newlywed lived above Afghan restaurant in nearby Paddington St)

7. What are you reading.

The White Tiger but it's dragging if am honest. The Secret of Scent by Luca Turin. A post by mrstrefusis inspired me to dig out old Uni text 'Contemporary American Poetry' which is so old the UK purchase price on the back is £1.75 (for a book, not half a coffee!) Revisiting Adrienne Rich. Frank O'Hara. Denise Levertov.

8. 4 words to describe you.

Generous. Resilient. Funny. Wicked.

9. Guilty pleasure.

Trashy Magazines. Perfume. Stinky cheese. I occasionally 'forget' to turn off Jeremy Kyle in the morning.

10. If you were god/goddess who would you be.

A mixture of Circe & Aergia

11. Who/what makes you laugh until you are weak.

Best friend only has to say 'my darling... lets consider our options' and i'm off. Guinea pigs crack me up.

12. Fave spring thing to do.

Cook roast lamb for family and watch them eat it all up with gusto. And rosemary gravy.

13.When you die what would you like people to say about you at your funeral.

She was a young soul until the end. With very shiny hair.

14. Best thing you ate or drank lately?

After 10k run, Ham Hock Terrine, Seafood Linguini, bottle Sancerre and & half bottle Chateauneuf du Pape tasted pretty damn good.

15 When did you last go for night out?

As night follows day, long liquid lunches become evenings out.

16. Fave film ever.

Gone with the Wind. Definitely was corseted heroine of bodice ripping yarn in former life.

17. Share some wisdom.

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

18. Song you can't get out of your head.

Lily Allen - Fuck You.

19. Thing you are looking forward to.

First thing tomorrow, seeing children's faces, as they crawl into bed for a cuddle.

20. What cosmetic artifice can you not live without.

Full warpaint. Most days.

Perfume. Always.

RULES of game. Respond & rework. Remove one question & replace with one of your own.
Pass to six other people (only have 3)

Really should know better

Little Brown Bird


Razor Kitty


  1. Really enjoyed this one, very witty and real. Can picture the Monsters V Aliens installation straight away, a much better obsession that your waistline.

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  3. sorry im new to this and just getting the hang of it ....

    number 4 is my mother!!
    i enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts